General Help

  • How do I report bugs, or make suggestions like adding a new language option on the top-right language chooser?
    • The IMC site is under development and progressing gradually. For all system-related issues or suggestions you can inform us by e-mail (see Contact Us). We will also collect related information in our system forrum.


  • How do I enter math formula?
    • Currently, we use CKEditor for document editing, and the math formula is provided through fMath Formula. You can look for the Sigma toolbar in the CKEditor.​
  • How do I enter geometry figures?
    • There are many ways to enter geometry figures into your document. Currently we provide a limited way to draw geometry figures using a custom language.  (example: link)
    • Any other means that can generate embedded img can be used (e.g. GeoGebra web site). Simply copy and paste the embedded image into the editor.


  • Where can I find past contest questions and solutions?
    • ​You can find IMC problems in the main navigation item "Problems" or  click the link.

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