Key Stage III                                               Key Stage II

1999  IWYMIC Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2000  IWYMIC Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2001  IWYMIC Philippines 

2002  IWYMIC  India

2003  Canceled due to the SARS                   1st EIMC Thailand

2004  IWYMIC Macau, China                          2nd EIMC Lucknow, India

2005  IWYMIC Kaohsiung, Taiwan                  3rd EIMC Philippines

2006  IWYMIC Wenzhou, China                      4th EIMC Indonesia

2007  IWYMIC Changchun, China                   5th EIMC Hong Kong, China

2008  IMC Chiang Mai, Thailand                     6th EIMC  

*The Ministry of Education of Thailand was the first to combine these two competitions and named it “International Math Competitions” (IMC).

2009  IWYMIC Durban, South Africa               7th EIMC  Iloilo, Philippines

2010  IMC Incheon, South Korea

2011  IMC Bali, Indonesia

2012  TAIMC Taipei, Taiwan

2013  BIMC Burgas, Bulgaria


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